Our Story

CSCO members and partners at the retreat and annual general meeting in February, 2016

About Us

The Civil Society Coalition on Oil and Gas (CSCO) is a non-registered network of member organizations, open to any CSO that is able to demonstrate commitment to CSCO objectives, and that has a mandate that is relevant to the oil and gas sector or to affected communities. CSCO members subscribe to a Memorandum of Understanding, which each member endorses. The core purpose of CSCO is to create, nurture and harness a shared civil society platform for promoting and strengthening CSO coordination, networking and advocacy in the Oil and Gas sector. 

Our Vision 
A well-managed Oil and Gas sector for the benefit of all Ugandans. 

Our Mission
To foster an effective and efficient CSO Coalition that promotes good governance through networking, research, information exchange and advocacy in the oil and gas sector for socio-economic transformation of Uganda”.

CSCO objectives

  1. Creating a platform for members to share information, plan and strategize together to influence the governance of the oil and gas sector;
  2. Maximizing individual organizations’ potential to effectively engage in oil and gas sector governance and;
  3. Strengthening the capacity of building networks which disseminate and build up expertise across different relevant advocacy areas.

Currently, CSCO has spawned a strong membership comprised of local, regional, national and international organisations. Considerable progress has been made in the last two years of CSCO’s existence, evidenced by increasing engagement with government on governance and policy issues as well as private companies’ and partners’ recognition as well as readiness to engage with CSCO in policy development, reviews, and community engagements. This has been achieved through CSCO as an entity and its constituent membership. The members of CSCO have been strengthened to disseminate information and build up expertise across different relevant advocacy areas in oil governance.

Presently CSCO’s work is guided by a strategic plan which runs from 2011-2015. Key strategic objectives for the next 5 years include

  1. To provide a sector-wide platform for networking, information sharing and coordinated CSO interventions in the oil and gas sector.
  2. To enhance the capacity of CSOs to understand and meaningfully influence (participate in) the governance of the oil and gas industry.
  3. To contribute in the development and monitoring of policy, legal and institutional framework in the oil and gas sector
  4. To advocate for an equitable, efficient & effective management and utilization of oil and gas resources.
  5. Enhance the institutional strength of CSCO to deliver on its mandate